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Monday, December 04, 2006

Curse it's eyes (iEyes)!!

My iPod is on the fritz. That stupid flashing file on the screen.
Why has god forsaken me? To whom should I repent? Why!!??

You said it Darth.

My good friend Elroy is suffering in the same way I am, only he seems to actually have lost his entire library. his buddy shared this wisdom in an email that I thought I'd share with the masses here on my blog...

"in fact, when it comes to music the enjoyment of music - something I know you are all too familiar with - , listening to a favorite album, a brilliantly assembled collection of tunes, can easily eclipse the pleasure derived from scrolling through endless itunes libraries"

Well, I took this to heart, and started slowly unpacking some of my favorite albums (CDs), and actually playing those order!! Wow, what a novelty. I usually leave the shuffle feature on, so haven't been getting the real vibe of the record.

Since I've been watching the Beatles Anthology, I put on the White Album.... What a difference!
When I first got my iPod, I instantly went about making mixes. what a difference listenting to the whole thing in order again. I like "while my guitar gently weeps" way more in the context of the album more than I do on its own.

Perhaps I'm finding CDs to be a novelty, but it does show how sometimes the simple things can be so exciting.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to get it fixed (as soon as I get around to it), but I'm falling in love with my favorite music again.

On the down side, I snapped off the earphone jack inside my powerbook, so I can't listen to anything off of my computer.....that REALLY sucks.

Maybe I'll do a thursday thirteen of favorite CDs this week.
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