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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How do you think 3 days of "healthy food" made me feel?

Having spent the whole weekend at Lifefest, which is a wonderful show, I reflected on the vast amount of pseudo-green that was being sold to the 30,000 women in attendance.

When working a trade show like that for 3 days, the reality is that your breaks and snacks tend to be the samples that are being given out by the food vendors.
While the good people from Florida Grapefruit were there giving out actual food, the rest was all processed or packaged.
Despite a great number of dietitians in attendance and the "Health check symbol" that was touted by the heart and stroke association, so much of the food was still junky, and would still make you sick over time.

Michael Pollan in his tremendous new book "In Defense of Food" says that most of what we eat isn't food, but "Edible Food-like Substances". Right on Michael.
The Dietitians are touting health-check foods, because they fit in with Canada's food guide. Except just about everything on the food guide's rainbow is a whole or healthy food. Everything they were pushing was canned or boxed. They were even giving out canned soup (a serving of which has on average 700mg of sodium). It's ridiculous.

Dare cookies had a new product called "Simple Pleasures" that had the healthcheck symbol. When I asked what was healthy about it, they said that it had no trans fats. What Bullshit!!
It also has no plastic or poison in it too. It must be really healthy.
Now, there's no question that I had my fair share of samples over the weekend, but I understood that it was a cookie bar.
But don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining.

I thought about the fact that after eating supposed healthy food all weekend, I felt (nutritionally) like crap by the end of it.
Isn't that ironic.
Shouldn't I have felt fantastic from eating all that healthy food?

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