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Friday, May 02, 2008

1st setback

My calves hurt.
No, that doesn't really do this justice.
My calves hurt, like they've never hurt before. Like someone took a screwdriver, fixed a piano, and then dropped that piano on my calves.
Day 3 was lower body weights, which went really well. I had my new stopwatch (which also controls my ipod remotely- although it kind of reminds me of the 30 Rock episode where someone says that "The lenses on these glasses get darker as my ipod loses power"- regardless it's still super cool), and I moved quickly through it- 52 minutes.
However, this was my first real lower body workout it as long as I can remember. I've done leg exercises a few months ago as part of a routine, but never all leg muscles intensely like this.
And then on day four I got in the pool.
Ah, the pool.
20 minutes intensity interval training in a 50 metre pool was great! Really great. Front crawl & breast stroke. Had my watch on repeating 1-minute timer. Felt OK back at the office. Got a lower body massage from my RMT, and went home.
And that's when the crippling calf pain started.
I guess my legs aren't used to that yet, huh.
Setback= so tired, I didn't journal last night, and slept till 6:30 instead of my weekday goal of 5:30 AM wakeups.
So I'm journalling as soon as I get to the office, and getting back on track.
Today is upper body weights so I'm psyched to hit that for the second time.
1st setback.....