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Sunday, October 29, 2006

more music

Wow! what a busy week this has been.
As I mentioned in an earlier post (haven't quite figured out the link thing), I got U2's Zoo TV DVD, and it rocks!
As a friend would say, Cheaty Recommends!
Well this got me thinking of other great music DVDs, so I thought I'd put together a list.

1) The Last Waltz - The Band et al- Highlights: It makes no difference, Further on up the road, Caravan.

2) Rattle and Hum - U2- Highlights: Desire, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Streets have no name

3) Woodstock - Goin up the Country

4) The Grateful Dead Movie - Highlights: Goin' down the road, China/Rider

5) The Concert for George- Clapton, Petty, McCartney, Ringo, Jeff Lynne- For You Blue, Beware of Darkness

6) Festival Express - The Dead playing at Exhibition Stadium, and going outside to do a free concert in Confederation Park accross the street! The Band, Dead, Joplin- Aint no more Cane

7) Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona- Waitin on a Sunny day.
8) Raffi with the Rise and Shine Band- Highlights: Time to Sing a song, It's my bathtime, just like me and you.

9) Meeting People is Easy - Radiohead- the document of their OK Computer Tour

10) Live at Pompei - Pink Floyd- Music from Meddle, and in the studio for Dark Side Sessions- Highlight: Echos

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Juggling with chainsaws

A friend and I were talking about all the things we each had on the go, and the level of importance of those projects. We laughed at how much higher the stakes get as you get older.
You start off juggling a couple of balls, and then a third, and then the bowling balls, and then the flaming ones and then chainsaws, and then sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the director of the new camp & community centre at what used to be the JCC Valey.
It's called Adventure Valley , and is a fantastic place to check out for your kids in T.O. I spent many an August day back in the day at the Valley, and it's really cool to see something fantastic back there again.

Memories of 1992
DVD Recomendation
Out having the busy Saturday- (Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond- I don't know if we'll have enough time!) and got U2 Zoo TV- Live from Sydney.
I saw this show as Exhibition Stadium back in high school, and will admit that didn't fully appreciate it at the time. This time when I watch it, I don't have to sit around and listen to "Primus" and "The Disposable Sounds of Hippopracy" open up first (7:00 on the ticket does not mean 7:00!)
This was the tour following the tremendous Achtung Baby album, and is an elaborately-staged, multimedia concert tour. This is the beginning of Bono's "Fly" personna, when the theme was about media overexposure and the stage is a travelling megalyth to that.
The concert and production and stage create a story and is very theatrical at times, so at times it's very reminiscent of the stage version of Pink Floyd's Wall. At other times the delivery is more stripped down to the band and the crowd.
It is also a video record of, in my opinion the highpoint of U2s musical career. All That You Cant Leave behind, and Atomic bombs are good albums, but aren't close to Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum and Actung.
They first did an arena tour of this show in the spring that year, and I sat on the phone all morning trying to get through to Ticketmaster for tickets, but to no end :(. I should add that one to my list from Cheaty Monkey's Thursday Thirteen from a few weeks back of Concerts I still regretting not going to.
I also wish there were an easy way to convert DVDs into audio tracks that I could put on my ipod. Especially for music DVDs.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Why am I Mr. Sparkle

Perhaps no question has been as powerfull nor deep as this one from Homer.

Likewise, why am I Roy Halliday? Is there a coincedence that they call him doctor? No, because he and I exist as the same person in alternate universes. Complicated? Yes. Tricky? You said it.... But it exists as the only plausible solution.

Bear witness to what evolution has created! Perhaps we’ve started a trend? Maybe this means I can throw an 99 mile an hour split fastball!

They've even given me my own action figure and bobble head!!

While the mouth and teeth aren't exact, the rest of the face is me, which can be very freaky. We cut out a picture of him from the summer and have it posted on our bulletin board with the caption "Dr. Adam's secret double life". My patients ask "Why are you in a Blue Jays uniform?"
I'm still waiting for the cheque in the mail.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If you want to find all the cops, they're hanging out in the donut shop

So tomorrow is a big day for he who moves strong. I've got an interview at Canadian Tire. No, I'm not giving up chiropractic to work in the seasonal department, but am applying to be their in-house chiropractor for the head office. I'm preparing for the big interview and am feeling great. I'll try to use the word "Mastercraft" as often as possible. Should probably keep the profanity to a minimum. Perhaps I'll also burn a manequin wearing a home depot apron in effigy- I think that would lock up the gig!
"Help is close to home"

I got tagged by my good friend, the uber cool
  • Cheaty Monkey
  • .
    It's sort of a coming of age as a blogger (good god that's a terrible word), so here I go.
    I’m supposed to reveal 9 weird things about myself.
    So, In no particular order-
    1) I'm working on changing this as I do more and more public speaking, but when I present, if I'm not thinking about it, I say most sentances like questions. "I'm Ron Burgendy?"

    2) I love new socks. I was in the habit of buying $20 Smartwool socks. It's like always wearing a new cushy pair.
    Little known fact, Trey and Matt worked into their Southpark The Movie Contract with Paramount a year's supply of new athletic socks. step on a drop of water- new pair!!
    3) I had a cottage cheese addiction. Before the detox when I cut out dairy and processed food, i'd go through 5 cartons of low fat cottage cheese a week. Did you know that one serving (1/4 carton) has almost 500 mg of sodium? That's as much salt as in soup! For those of you who don't know, that's a lot of salt- Nerd alert?
    4) In my wedding pictures, the group picture looks like I am the best man, and my best man Soft Taco (names changed to protect the innocent) is marrying my wife. Many believe that this was not an accident on Soft Taco's part
    5) In the same physics class that Soft Taco took that name as a nickname (to check test marks), I took the code name Vanity Smurf.

    6) I have an almost Rainman-like memory for where and with whom I saw just about every movie I've ever seen-including small details. Witness? Yorkdale in the old-old theatres on Passover with my mom. Matzah had made me consitpated. Checkmate.
    7) As a five year old, I cut off my pointer finger of my left hand at the last nuckle, and had it sewn back on. The joint doesn't bend, but I can still "crack" the nuckle.....Adjust- we don't crack.
    8) I was totally obsessed with Expos and Mets -now hall of fame catcher Gary Carter growing up. I have over 100 of his cards. For my Bar Mitzvah, my Dad sent him a letter asking for his autograph, and in addition to a signed pic, he sent a card detailing his favorite psalm (the p is silent) and love of Jesus. He is a born again christian. I figured I was the only Jewish kid who has that card. I thought it was ironic

    9) I still, after all these years have a crush on my number one secret girlfriend Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles (Sorry Natalie P.- no that's too obvious, N. Portman). The Bangles are actually my first concert, and I still love her voice on Walk like an Egyptian- Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh (the actual lyric).

    And one for good luck
    10) I don’t know if this makes me weird, but I would still tour around with the Dead, or any version thereof if I could (ie. Sans responsibility, mortgage, practice, child). I even have to say, that I would probably be one of those parents with my kid at the show (if it wouldn’t mean an immediate divorce from my non- dead head wife – “those people scare me”). That’s probably the weird part.

    When I saw the dead in Buffalo this summer someone had their bugaboo up on the lawn…. “isn’t that quaint” I thought.

    So there i am. Thanks for the tag Cheaty.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Jewey Jewison or Chris Christianson

    So I was spending time on the phone today speaking with Catholic Schools about doing health and wellness workshops. Education is a big part of what I do as a Chiropractor, and there are lots of Catholic Schools around my office.
    Perhaps I suffer from the Woody Allen syndrome of Jewish Paranoia (a la Annie Hall)- Did you eat? no Jew? not did you but jew! Jew eat?

    Now while I got two different talks set up (Go Adam!), One of the principals I spoke to said that aside from being approved by the board, that I had to be Catholic AND that she wasn't going to ask me since it was none of her business.
    Now I interpreted that as meaning she figured a name like Sidenberg wasn't exactly a good roman catholic name, but that she wasn't going to call me on it.
    However, where do they get off discriminating who can speak inside a school? Especially since these are publicly funded schools! And another thing, why is it that catholic schools are covered by the government, but private hebrew school (or any other private religous school) isn't?
    These however, were not questions I brought up on the phone with the lovely principal from our lady of the immaculate conception (I thought that was Maddona)

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    The day the music died

    Well, it has happened. I am officially now the guy in that commercial as he suddenly realizes that hi is in fact older than he thought of himself....(subliminal ly-buy life insurance, get a jaguar, call your mother with our long distance carrier).
    My CDs are now in boxes in my kitchen. Diaper boxes, lest us miss an opportunity for extreme fittingness. They are to be displayed on a shelf, when I get around to constructing or contracting a shelf....yikes.
    This is an improvement over the ill-thought out "tower of CDs" that was created to clear up shelf space for baby toys & such.
    For years my CDs were my most cherished possessions. I was always an audiophile through my teenage years. I loved music. I used to get really into bands as I discovered them, or went through a phase, and bought accordingly. So my collection became “completist” (See: Pablo Honey).

    I used to labour over the position of music on my bedroom shelves. Organized chronologially within artist. I used to feel that the music I listened to defined a bit of who I was as a person, said something (I believed) about who I was. Everything in my life has a soundtrack. There’s almost always music playing with everything I do.
    Now the munchkin is cherished in a way and to a degree that these decisions (that before would’ve seemed painful or impossible) become easy.
    Now truth be told, my ipod has made them all into 400 paperweights. But that’s not the point!!
    It’s still poetic :)

    Welcome to the Bloggerdome

    Well the information super highway is now a super-DUPER highway, as I have merged into traffic.
    I've been taking driving lessons in parking lots and side streets, but now it's time for the main event.

    Welcome all, (or just you in your underwear in Seattle to what will be a fun, entertaining, educational and empowering experience.

    I look forward to this blog continuing in the future on the site, but for now I'm on blogger.

    So relax, take your shoes off (except if your feet stink), and make yourself at home.