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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bonuses to vaccinate?

I was golfing with my father the MD last week, and we started with some shop-talk.
Well, he commented at the bonuses he'd gotten from the government (Here in Ontario the government pays for basic sick-care). Curious, I asked him to elaborate, and discovered that MDs are being given financial bonuses for performing services such as Paps, flu shots, and routine immunizations to name a few. While I understand the Ministry of Health's attempt to prevent diseases, the financial incentive to vaccinate is something I find troubling.
Why? The effectiveness of the flu shot has been questionable at best, and the shot itself does nothing to improve the function or quality of the immune system. It inoculates against very specific strains of the virus, and is only as good as the strength of the immune system of the person who gets it!

Unfortunately, many people have weak immune systems from their chronic exposure to physical, emotional and chemical/environmental/nutritional stresses. Many people are getting well below the ideal amount of fruits and vegetables, and by consequence nutrients and phytonutrients/antioxidants. Most people could strengthen their immune system in a real way for a few dollars a day by taking high quality supplementation. Or increasing their levels of physical activity. That however requires energy, commitment, and accountability, and for many people when it comes to their health, they want the easiest option.

So not only is the government pouring millions into the vaccinations themselves, but they're pouring millions into paying off the medics to inject them!! I argue no amount of junk needs this kind of financial push.
What is the best way to prevent getting sick?
Wash your hands


  • That is absolutely disgusting that the government is incentivising MDs to vaccinate. I am currently expecting my first child and am working towards convincing my partner that we should not vaccinate our child. I have been long suspect of the link between thimerisol and autism in kids. Is it really a coincidence that children that look perfectly healthy suddenly develop autism once they have reached the height of their vaccination schedule (prescribed by the government)? The thought that MDs are being paid to endorse these vaccinations sickens me. No wonder it is so difficult to find an MD that is open-minded enough to listen to a parent's concerns on this subject. I know of more than one parent that has left their MD over such a disagreement.

    By Blogger elle456, at 9:13 AM  

  • On the topic of Thimerisol, I've seen a study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal that autism rates have fallen since thimerisol was removed from the vaccines..

    By Blogger Blogstrong, at 11:14 AM  

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