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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why all the nutrition & lifestyle talk?

I tend to write as things irritate's a great motivator that gets me writing.
Chiropractic is not just a modality, it's a way of life.
So when we talk about being subluxation-free, it doesn't just mean spinal alignment causing nerve interference, it means addressing the physical, chemical and emotional subluxations in our lives.
This means that the unsubluxated familiy tends towards whole healthy living, vitalism and naturalism -as it relates to pregancy, childbirth, and child-raising, health decisions, and life in general.
In my experience It tends to be the chiropractic patients who get better educated on issues of childbirth interventions, vaccination, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, dairy-free diet, so that they can decide for themselves what the best choices are (rather than taking a doctors word for it)
For me, nutrition is my first love, and my biggest frustration. I believe it is the cause of most disease we see, which is why I tend to write about that most.
The other posting I started was about the baby einstein study showing that kids who watched videos knew fewer words than those who didn't. again not unique to chiropractic, but part of the chiropractic lifestyle.
My mission is to empower people with high quality information so that they can make better decisions about their health and the health of their families. I just don't feel that the mainstream medical message creates healthier children and adults....somewhat the contrary.
In the wellness movement, chiropractors have positioned themselves to be people's Chief Wellness Officers (or CWO). Why? Because it is our obligation to find the causes for problems, not merely to treat their symptoms. While we tend to practice this philosophy by adjusting rather than medicating, this is not the whole picture. What was the cause of the spinal fixation? What is the cause of the dis-ease? Toxicity? Deficiency? It is only when we look at the overall lifestyle and the BELIEF SYSTEMS that lead to our thoughts, decisions and actions, that we truly begin to build and invest in long-lasting health and wellness.


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