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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

OOh, I hate when commercials upset me so much!

I'm watching my beloved television, when a commercial comes on with that delightful actress, Mariska Hargitay (of Law & order fame) talking about the obesity crisis in this country. How as a mother she feels we must do something about it.
How did she suggest we curb the rampant obesity?
Encourage your child to exercise- Great! Eat as a family- great! (I should also point out that at this point my cynicism is starting to fade, as I think this might actually just be a public service message- and not an ad for some other packaged food)
'And instead of sugary juices and drinks give them Milk.'
That's the solution to the obesity crisis? feed them cow's milk instead of juice?
Too bad milk has about a hunderd calories in much if not more calories than in a serving of juice (depending on brand etc.)
So they're suggesting that to curb obesity, we should give children calories from cow's milk instead of calories from sugary juices.
How does that make any difference?
Here's the solution right here.....ready? Instead of sugary juices or milk, give your children WATER.
Water has no calories. It's also non-fat and even trans-fat free (see my rant on trans fats). Plus depending on where you get it from, it costs almost nothing.
Plus, ask yourself....Which do you think we humans are designed to drink and digest easily.....Water or cow's milk?
This is just bad, false and misleading information, and the national dairy council should be ashamed of themselves. To use the emotional aspect of "our children's health and childhood obesity" as the hook, and then finish off by suggesting that they do something that will have no positive impact on childhood (or adult) obesity is disgusting.
Remember, just because a good looking actress gives an impassioned speech (also known as acting), doesn't mean it's true.
Why don't you do some research on your own as to the effects of cow's milk on your digestive system, and consider that most in the holistic and complementary fields (chiropractors and naturopaths) would suggest you cut milk out of your diet as a first step towards better health.
The national dairy council is a political lobby, and their warped and fallacious message smells like spoiled milk to me.


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