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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More on this lousy Milk campaign

As I was looking for a picture of Markiska to put on my previous posting, I came upon some more stuff she's doing with the Dairy Council. And let me say that I have absolutely nothing against this woman....I just couldn't disagree more with her.
Here's the press-style release that I found on a few websites:
"LAW + ORDER: SVU star MARISKA HARGITAY is showing off new baby AUGUST in a new Got Milk? advertising campaign. The new mum is spearheading the American Dairy Council's new Think About Your Drink campaign, which aims to encourage mums to use milk as part of their weightloss programme after giving birth."

Again, shouldn't we be encouraging women to drink WATER as part of their weightloss programme? If you consider one glass of milk at about 100 calories, and if a woman drank only one glass of milk a day instead of calorie free water, then that woman would gain a pound every 35 days.
Calories are calories, and the calories and sugar from milk (Lactose is a sugar- that's why milk is sweet) have the same effect on the body as the calories from orange juice, or Sunny-D (don't get me started on Sunny D).

But there's no huge political lobby to make money off people drinking more water---unless that water is bottled, and then you'd only have individual companies pushing their wares. This is the National Dairy Council.....Big Bucks!!!

I got in an argument a few months back with a pediatrician on my baseball team, when he told a new mom that she needed to give the baby cow's milk.
"How can a human child NEED cow's milk?" I asked?
Especially when you look at the effect that cow's milk (with very large proteins) has on a baby's GI tract! This causes a "leaky gut syndrome", and milk is actually inflammatory to most people's guts. The majority of the population of the Earth is actually lactose INTOLLERANT!! How can we need that?

What about calcium? Well you get more calcium from fortified Tropicana, and certainly more from dark green leafy veggies.
In fact, cow's milk is one of the worst ways to try and get calcium into your body.
Again, do some research on your own as to the hormones they pump into the cows, and the realities of the modern large-scale dairy farm, and I believ you may think twice before giving yourself or your baby a cow's milk mustache....cute as it may be.


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