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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cloned meat and milk?

Is this a good idea?
I saw yesterday on an all news channel, that the "FDA has determined that meat and dairy from cloned animals is safe".
Well thank god! Where can I get some?
In all seriousness, I was shocked at how ho-hum the anchor was who read this. Especially since every person or parent in my office I've told to about it, or every person who mentioned it to me was shocked and disturbed.
It brings up the question of whether we should do something just because we can.

Here's the bigger question. Will we be told what we're eating?
In Canada, the food industry does not have to tell us (and as a result doesn't) whether the food we eat is genetically modified (GMO). Will the powerful food lobby exert its will again? Will we be force fed cloned livestock?
Will we have to pay extra to get real meat if we want it?

If you oppose this cloned food, or you feel that it needs to be labelled, please contact your local MP, or state representative.
For more information on dairy companies who oppose cloned milk check out:
To read more about this check out:

Please let me know what you think.

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